about CT Murals.

CT Murals is a project started by the non-profit, The RiseUP Group, in 2015 to create public art that is inclusive and accessible for anyone.

We have completed over 25 mural projects throughout Greater Hartford, we’ve worked with 15 local artists, 20 partners and, hosted 300 plus volunteers to help paint our murals.   CT Murals creates public art through donations, grants, and community goodwill.

We support artists, cities, other nonprofits, companies, and local community members in making their mural projects come to life.  We help create the vision and manage the entire process to beatify communities through public art.


Find us at @CTMurals on Instagram and Facebook or send us a message via our website at www.ctmurals.com.        

Commercial Murals

CT Murals can help make your business the focal point in the community or a destination to attract new customers.

Community Public Art Murals

Public Art Murals can elevate the identity of a community and bring neighbors together to transform a space.

Donations to CT Mural's public art projects are Tax-Deductible through our 501(c)3 non-profit partner, The RiseUP Group, Inc.

Individual Commissions

The artists that CT Murals collaborates with can also be hired for private commissions for individuals and families.

Commercial Murals

CT Murals can help turn a wall inside or outside your business into a focal point that turn heads and attracts customers.

Murals are also a great way to prevent vandalism and graffiti on the outside of your building while creating something beautiful.

We support the design, permitting, execution, and marketing of the mural for your business.  For CT Murals, projects are more than murals, they are productions.

Community Public Art Murals

CT Murals supports Non-Profits, community groups, cities, and towns organize large scale public art projects throughout their community. 

We do this through raising money by applying to grants, finding sponsors, and hosting fundraising events. 

Public Art is critical to bring positivity to a neighborhood and it can change the way people perceive a particular community. 

Individual Commissions

The artists that are involved with CT Murals and RiseUP For the Arts are available for individual commission projects for you or your family. 

Our artists have a wide range of techniques and styles that can be customized to your projects need.

Whether it is your daughter's bedroom that can be turned into a Princess Wonderland or having a pair of sneakers customized with an original design, we can make it happen.