Meet the CT Murals Artist Team


Corey Pane

Corey's work spans different mediums from album covers to cleats for NFL athletes.  His talents bring him all over the world to do custom mural pieces for famous athletes.  Corey is most recently known for his work on the Nipsy Hustle mural in Downtown Hartford and Cirque du Soleil.


Lindaluz Carrillo

Lindaluz is an Urban Pop Artists and Graphic Designer.  She mixes different mediums such as spray paint and acrylic  to blend colors, shapes and patterns to give dimension and depth. She has a passion for working with and inspiring youth through her art.

Isaac Bloodworth Headshot.jpg

Isaac Bloodworth

Isaac is New Haven based artists and graduated from the University of Connecticut’s puppet art program and has been producing visual art for over a decade, which started with doodling dinosaurs.  His work typically reflects what it’s like to be Black and male in America.


Julie Bergeron 

Julie Bergeron is a visual artist and educator who has been creating art for her entire life. For over a decade, Julie has developed and managed arts programs in Hartford’s public and private schools, as well as non-profit organizations.


Deka Henry

Deka is a self taught artist and creative from Hartford, CT.  She extends her reach into all creatives by modeling, creative directing, tattooing and painting. Curating her own artistic style she focuses on creating Modern Mosaics that adds a modern flair to classical look.

Alex Ranniello

Alex Ranniello is a Connecticut based painter. His forte is working in portraiture and figure painting. His work captures the highest moments of summertime in a way that reflects the human spirit through maximal colorful palettes, gestural brushstrokes, and enticing scenery.