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A Summer of Opportunity & Art for RiseUP Youth

Through a partnership with Capital City Education Alliance, RiseUP For the Arts/CT Murals and 10 of their youth Scholars, participated in CCEA's Let's Paint Program.

Together with youth, volunteers, and professionals, transformed a graffiti covered 24-bay garage along Pope Park Highway. The transformation in the neighborhood and in the youth was extraordinary.

Along with getting paid a stipend for their work, the youth learned valuable skills about workforce readiness and a career in painting. To measure the growth of the youth, pre- and post- testing of the students showed a marked increase in knowledge and workforce skills in the 4-week program:

  1. Scores for color/design knowledge increased from an average score of 28% to 77% across the participating students

  2. Painting knowledge increased from 21% to 77%

  3. Directional improvement in self-assessed comfort in greeting and carrying on a conversation with an adult they just met

  4. Increased comfort leading and teaching an adult a new skill.

After a successful pilot, Capital City Education Alliance continued their Let's Paint Program at Burn's Latino Studies Academy, Boys and Girls Club, and West Middle School. Learn more about CCEA here.

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