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Murals Help Reduce Vandalism on Public and Private Property

CT Murals offers real solutions to reducing graffiti and vandalism

Graffiti and vandalism are no stranger to walls throughout urban areas in Connecticut. Cities can implement common sense solutions that not only reduce vandalism but also bring vibrancy and economic development to a community.

CT Murals Transforms Places

How our mural work has reduced vandalism in the City of Hartford, Connecticut

“Murals have eliminated wide-spread tagging on large, highly visible walls throughout Hartford”

Where have murals worked?

CT Murals has completed over a dozen murals through the city of Hartford. Several of our murals have been on highly visible walls that were covered in graffiti prior to our work. These walls are visible from major highways such as Interstate-91 and Interstate-84.

The walls that our work has seen the highest reduction in graffiti tags are:

1.) 2016 Community Mural at Goodyear on 300 Market St, Hartford, Connecticut

2.) Let's Paint Mural on Pope Park Highway in Hartford, Connecticut

3.) Peace, Love, and Unity Mural on Windsor Street in Hartford, Connecticut

Each location has remained mostly tag free and the art and color has brought vibrancy to the area.

Hire CT Murals to help your city reduce vandalism and increase Public Art

CT Murals can help towns and cities throughout Connecticut develop and execute an anti-graffiti campaign through the power of public art. Other major cities through the world have implemented strategies like this. As reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune, Murals in San Diego have saved the city thousands of dollars a year by eliminating the need to constantly remove graffiti tagging.

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