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How to Combine Public Art, Youth Development, and Anti-Graffiti Efforts

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The results of combining public art and youth development not only brings color and positivity to a community, but when done correctly, public art and murals can have a life long impact on a youth's life.

In 2016, Hartford, CT based nonprofit, Capital City Education Alliance, worked with

CT Murals and The RiseUP Group to pilot CCEA's Let's Paint program. The mural program combined transforming a space with transforming a life. The pilot took place along Pope Park Highway over the series of four weeks with 10 youth from Hartford, Connecticut. The youth transformed a graffiti covered 24-bay garage into a beautiful and colorful mural. In addition to completing the mural, youth were exposed to color theory, painting techniques, and workforce readiness skills like interviewing and dress code.

To measure the growth of the youth, pre- and post- testing of the students showed a marked increase in knowledge and workforce skills in the 4-week program:

  • Scores for color/design knowledge increased from an average score of 28% to 77% across the participating students

  • Painting knowledge increased from 21% to 77%

  • Directional improvement in self-assessed comfort in greeting and carrying on a conversation with an adult they just met

  • Increased comfort leading and teaching an adult a new skill.

This type of growth gained by youth in Hartford is just one case study to demonstrate the importance of designing programs for youth that bring together the arts and service. CT Murals creates art programs for Schools, Cities, and Nonprofits through our RiseUP For the Arts program. CT Murals is available to consult your team and help execute a public or private art project that can have a lasting impact on the life of children. You can start the process by completing our mural request form by clicking here.

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